#02: Emack & Bolio’s

After a visit to one of our Upper West Side clients, we decided to swing by Emack & Bolio’s for a post meeting treat. We got there just as the shop was opening up, a relatively small store front which makes good for grab and go. As soon as you walk in, you’re greeted by a wall of cones that caters to literally every kind of nostalgic want or flavor you can imagine. They range from your traditional waffle, to cones coated with marshmallow and Nutella rice crispy’s. Just when you think you made the tough decision of picking a cone, you take a look at their options of ice cream (be prepared, picking could take a while). After a few minutes of comparing the possibilities, our first pick was the Marsh”mellow Oreo cone filled with “S’mOreo” – pretty much a complete OREO explosion. For the second, we went with the Marsh”Mellow Fruit Loop cone stuffed with their famous “Space Cake”. Both flavors were rich, creamy and had the perfect balance ingredients. For about $15 bucks, we had two HUGE cones. Would we do it all the time? Maybe, maybe not. But, definitely worth a try if you ever find yourself by a location!

The Spot: Emack & Bolio’s (Upper West Side)

Address: 389 Amsterdam Ave, New York, NY 10024

Rating: 🍦🍦🍦🍦 / 5

Pictured Below (Left to Right):

  • Marsh”mellow Fruit Loop Cone with “Space Cake” (Cake batter ice cream with short bread cookie pieces and chunks of red velvet cake)
  • Marsh”mellow Oreo Cone with “S’mOreo” (Vanilla ice cream with Oreos, marshmallows and a chocolate swirl)

Emack and Bolios - Upper West Side

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