#10: Harpoon Brewery

We made our first Vermont tour stop to Harpoon Brewery today! Being one of our favorite brews it was obviously one of our first picks for places to go to.

The brewery features a great outside eating area with a bunch of picnic tables and a fire pit. Inside is a fairly large space with a long bar, dining room, a store with goodies and of course the brewery. We were seated next to a large wall of fire logs, which guests scribble names and messages on.

Not long after we got situated, we ordered our first round of beers “Flannel Friday” & “Hoppy Adventure” and a signature pretzel. Both beers (especially the Flannel Friday) are perfect for the fall season. The pretzels, which are handmade daily and boiled in Harpoon IPA were warm, soft and perfectly seasoned with malted barley.  The pretzel is paired with two dips that satisfy each side of the palate spectrum. One is a creamy IPA Cheese and the other is a Ale Mustard (which tasted like a really strong spicy brown).

We ordered two specials: “Buffalo Chicken Mac ‘n’ Cheese” and the “Brewery Burger” plus a round of  the “Sweet Spot”. The burger was cooked perfectly and the coating of Vermont cheddar had that delicious sharpness we love. As for the mac… BOMB. The chicken was fire. Literally. Everything was baked with a nice crispy layer hiding a pile of gooey cheese and chicken. It had a little kick but definitely was the highlight of the visit.


We ended up leaving with a happy stomach and a couple cases – overall great day 😄🍻

P.S. – The brewery is located in “Artisans Park” which has Cheese BoardSilo Vodka and more (Post to come with all of our Vermont findings!)

The Spot: Harpoon Brewery

Address: 336 Ruth Carney Drive, Windsor, VT 05089

Rating: 🍦🍦🍦🍦 / 5

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