#11: Long Trail Brewery

It’s day 2 in Vermont and we had to stop in to our other favorite brewery in the Green Mountains, Long Trail Brewery!

It was a little rainy today so we grabbed a picnic table inside. All of the decor in the brewery pays homage to VT. After looking through all the new season flavors on a chalkboard nearby we placed our order for the first round – “Seasonal Harvest”. This fall special is brewed with Vermont maple syrup which adds a slight sweetness and a little bit of warmth to the beer. These paired nicely with our order of “Yaki” & “Jonas” chicken wings. The Yaki wings were in an Asian influenced sauce while the Jonas wings were in a sweet and spicy beer sauce – both awesome and crispy AF.

We went on to order the “Buttermilk Ranch Southern Fried Chicken Sandwich” and “VT Raised Pulled Pork”. The chicken in the Buttermilk Ranch sandwich was excellently fried and super tender. The bacon jam and pickled onions added a perfect sweetness to balance out the chicken. The pulled pork was tender and really nicely shredded. The sandwich is topped with spicy Jalapeño slaw and Double Bag BBQ sauce. Both were so good!

For a post meal beer, we ordered the “Cranberry Gose” and “Citrus Limbo IPA” which were really tasty. The Grose had a hint of cranberry, a little tart – almost a light kombucha taste. The Citrus had a grapefruit/tangerine infusion which fits as a nice transition beer from summer to fall.

Overall, a successful trip. We ended up leaving with a few cases so that’s always a good day 😜

The Spot: Long Trail Brewery

Address: 5520 US-4, Bridgewater Corners, VT 05035

Rating: 🍦🍦🍦🍦 / 5

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