#13: Worthy Kitchen

We ended day 3 with a visit to Worthy Kitchen for dinner after exploring Woodstock. We learned about this farm to table restaurant in our food stop research and knew we had to visit.

The restaurant which was just a short ride from Woodstock, VT has a warm, homey feeling with wood floors and different kinds of picnic style tables. We were greeted and the host give us the run down on the self service setup. While you wait in line, you can check out their huge chalkboard wall which displays the menu, beers on tap and any specials for the day.

We started off with Maple Bacon & Rootbeer Sriracha BBQ wings and a round of beers to wash them down (Green State Lager and Bohemia Pilsner). The wings were super crispy and balanced out their sweet and savory flavors nicely. The Rootbeer Sriracha wings were delicious with a sweet note of Rootbeer and a kick from the Sriracha. We say try both! We also have to take a minute to acknowledge the crispy pickled carrots – so good and dill-y. The blue cheese that came along with the wings was delicious and tangy.

We ordered the Bulgogi Burrito and The Worthy Bomb – both leaving us in awe as they were MASSIVE. To be honest, we were a little skeptical on how authentic the burrito (which was the size of a forearm) was going to be but we were impressed! The beef was super tender and perfectly marinated. The chucks of kimchi really elevated the dish and rounded off the flavors we were looking for. As for The Worthy Bomb? It was exactly that – BOMB. The burger patties were on the skinny side with a massive juicy piece of perfectly fried chicken sandwiched in between. If you grew up in NYC the flavors might take you back to the ‘hood fried chicken spot (grown up and if they served really high quality ingredients) – and that’s a good thing.

After we ordered another round (Maple Breakfast Stout & Greybeard IPA) and some dessert: Worthy Doughnuts and Dirty Chocolate ice cream. The doughnuts were cinnamon and rested in a vanilla bean creme anglaise to dunk in or drizzle on top. The Dirty Chocolate ice cream was like a death by chocolate – you could literally taste the layers of chocolatey goodness. The ice cream was icy – like a fudgesicle, but better. The doughnut – ice cream combo was an awesome way to end the meal.

We were able to meet Jason, Founder of Worthy Kitchen after dinner. He was super friendly and really informed about the region. You can tell he’s very passionate and involved at his restaurant. He makes sure his customers get the highest quality of products possible (which you can taste in every bite). It’s great to see an owner be so involved with every aspect of his space and what makes it the best that it can be. We highly suggest stopping in for some of the best eats in the area.

P.S – It’s slightly more expensive than some spots you’ll find in the area but the quality makes it worthy of ever dollar – see what we did there? 😉

The Spot: Worthy Kitchen

Address: 442 Woodstock Rd, Woodstock, VT 05091

Rating: 🍦🍦🍦🍦.5 / 5

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