#14: The Worthy Burger

After our visit to Worthy Kitchen yesterday we learned that their original location, The Worthy Burger, was located just 30 minutes away in South Royalton. Since we loved it so much, it was only right that we swung by try it out!

The restaurant is located a little off the beaten trail in an old freight house next to train tracks. Once you pull up you can see an outdoor seating area with a deck and some large space heaters. Inside you have two sides: one with a large bar and few high top tables and the other with more casual seating for dinner. The vibe/setup is very similar to that of the Worthy Kitchen, just in a tighter space. In Worthy Burger you build your own burger from a chalkboard of can’t-go-wrong options. The restaurant also features a few specials which change periodically.

Since it wasn’t quite dinner time, we decided to grab some spots at the bar and drink up an appetite. We started with a round of the Smoke and Dagger on nitro. THIS is how all beers need to taste, full body and smooth. Next round, we went with a Mosaic IPA and Chasing Rabbits.

By the time we had finished the next round (and sampled a few other beers on the menu) we decided it might be a good idea to order a little snack. Remembering how great the pickled carrots from Kitchen, we had to get the Pickle Platter which came with the carrots, mushrooms and okra. All the veggies were just as good as the carrots, and now we want to pickle everything.

While we munched on our pickled pieces of perfection, Jason (Owner of both locations) suggested some of the must-try items for dinner – The Freighter, The Barnyard and some parmesan truffle fries on the side. The Freighter was constructed of super local grass fed beef, jack cheese, bacon and garlic aioli. The Barnyard you won’t find on the menu – but it’s the turducky burger (turkey and duck) with bacon, goat’s cheese, lettuce, and a fried egg on top.

Both burgers were a handful, beautifully cooked and so delicious. The Barnyard is like having the farm and we ain’t mad at it. We loved the taste of the turkey and duck patty as well as the creaminess goat’s cheese added to the burger. The bacon added a nice saltiness to the whole thing. The Freighter is the only pre-built burger on the menu and we can see it being a great go to when you can’t decide what toppings to get with your burger.

After dinner we sat for a few to make room for dessert and then ordered one more round of beers. We tried James Bean and Breakfast Stout with Deep Fried Bacon and Worthy Doughnuts (Yes doughnuts again👍). Unlike Worthy Kitchen these come with a chocolate sauce. The fried bacon was like having a bacon stuffed funnel cake (can we get a YAASS!?)

Again, Jason and the Worthy team left us happy and extremely stuffed. We had the pleasure of talking with Jason throughout our stay and got to know a little bit more about him, his background and an expansion in the works in Boston. We wish nothing but the best for the team as we’re sure it will do well with such high quality of food, unique assortment of beers and great vibes for the customers 👌

P.S. – make sure you try ALL the sauces on your fries/burger/anything else edible

The Spot: The Worthy Burger

Address: 56 Rainbow St, South Royalton, VT 05068

Rating: 🍦🍦🍦🍦.5 / 5

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