#15: Cold Hollow Cider Mill

On our adventures we stopped into Cold Hollow Cider Mill, one of the top producers of cider in Vermont. The facility, which is more like a mini town center has a two large buildings with a outside area where those floating by can sit and relax with the crew while sipping some cider.

We first stopped into the Mill. Here you can see the employees at work and walk through an informational guide on how the cider is made. They also have large tank where you grab a small cup to taste a sample – very refreshing. We explored the rest of the Mill which is essentially a huge general store with everything you could imagine from jams and hot sauces to DIY pickling kits, giving options to every Vermont want or need. At checkout, you can see a doughnut machine at work making their self proclaimed “Legendary Cider Donuts” which we had to grab a dozen of of course!

After checkout, we learned that the mill’s first hard cider “Barn Dance” was available in the store across the driveway along with some other tasty apple spirits. After trying the cider (and getting a growler to-go) we decided to stick around for lunch and a few glasses on the deck of The Apple Core Luncheonette & Brew.

While enjoying our Barn Dance, we ordered lunch: Buffalo Blue and Toasted Green Mountain Smokehouse BLT.  The Buffalo Blue wrap was stuffed with thick pieces of buffalo chicken and coated in house made blue cheese. The fine shredded carrots were a nice touch too. The BLT was equally as fresh and the garlic mayo was great with the Cabbot cheddar cheese and hearty bacon.

After lunch we busted out the cider donuts we scored from the store earlier which were still warm. These definitely live up to the hype of being legendary. They’re sweet but not too sweet as most cider donuts will have that coating of sugar that these come without.

It was a beautiful day complimented by great food and drinks.  Aside from that, we got some few goodies in the store (post coming soon) that we can’t wait to try!

The Spot: Cold Hollow Cider Mill

Address: 56 Rainbow St, South Royalton, VT 05068

Rating: 🍦🍦🍦🍦 / 5

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