#17: Genuine Roadside

Gotham West Market is home to some awesome eats. Think of a food court, but all grown up and housing outposts and pop ups to some of the most popular NYC restaurants (including Blue Bottle Coffee, Uma Temakeria and more). With all the delicious options it can be a little hard to pick a place – but this time we were on a mission for Genuine Roadside.

Genuine Roadside is the super casual sister to Genuine Superette and Liquorette (which we will be trying in the near future). Roadside offers “California roadside fare with a gourmet twist”. We’ve been here before so we knew we were getting a Buttermilk Battered Chicken Sandwich. We also got a Super Duper Stack Burger and Mountain O’ Fries.

The Buttermilk Battered Chicken Sandwich might be one of our favorite chicken sandwiches. It has a massive hunk of chicken, perfectly fried on the outside yet extremely tender on the inside. On top is a mound of apple/celeriac slaw and sambal mayo which pairs well with the chicken without being spicy.

We loved the Super Duper Stack Burger. It’s a double stacked burger (with a really nice char on the thin patties) covered in American cheese, sweet pickles and Genuine Roadside house sauce. Even though it’s pretty basic, the burger has great flavor and makes a solid go-to.

The chicken and burger were the main show, but the Mountain O’ Fries shouldn’t be overlooked. Extra thin and crispy potato and sweet potato fries served with a delicious dipping sauce was the ideal side for the sandwiches. We can’t get enough.

The Spot: Genuine Roadside

Address: 600 11th Ave, New York, NY 10036

Rating: 🍦🍦🍦🍦 / 5

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