Jae NYC Eats #WinterCakies Blogger Challenge!

We’ve been following Jae NYC Eats’ cakie takeover for a while now, so we are so excited to participate in the #WinterCakies Blogger Challenge! For those of you not familiar with Jae’s Cakies, they are super delicious grown up twinkies (which Jae hand pumps with filling) in amazing flavors like Jackfruit, Ube, and Cookies & Cream. As to the challenge, each participant was hand delivered a box with plain cakies and materials to decorate them with. We had a lot of fun crafting our cakies and channeling our inner Picasso this weekend 😉

Find out more about Jae NYC Eats’ awesome cakies on Instagram @JaeNYCEats or by visiting: www.jaenyceats.com.

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