#20: Soft Swerve

We’re back guys! We’ve been super busy with work and haven’t been able to give you a write up in a while so here it is 😋

This past weekend we were in the Lower East Side and decided to visit a new spot making some major buzz right now in the NYC ice cream world, Soft Swerve. It was kinda rainy out so we were hoping we’d avoid too long of a wait, but there was still a short line outside of the small, railroad-like shop. When we got to the front, we found out that they were out of the Black Chocolate and Cinnamon Cones as well as the Matcha soft serve which was pretty upsetting since it was 50% of the reason we wanted to come here 😕

Luckily they still had their main attraction, Ube. The menu varies from pre-constructed Swerve specials to making your own cone, cup or shake and choosing your own toppings. We decided to get the Ube Soft Serve sprinkled with  Fruity Pebbles and Black Sesame Soft Serve with marshmallows – both in sugar cones. Both ice cream flavors were really creamy. The Ube was sweet and light while the Black Sesame flavor was a little more interesting because it had more depth in flavor and texture.

Overall the ice cream was good. Would we come back? Maybe if we happen to be in the neighborhood, but we don’t think we’ll be making a special trip here anytime soon.

The Spot: Soft Swerve

Address: 85B Allen St, New York, NY 10002

Rating: 🍦🍦🍦.5 / 5

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